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New Generation Factories from Gemak Food Industry Machinery JSC

Company Profile
With our slogan “new generation factories”, GEMAK Gýda Endüstri Makinalarý ve Ticaret A.Þ (Gemak Food Industry Machines JSC) has been specialized in establishing turn-key plants for dairy, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical plants with designing, engineering, stainless steel production, installation, automation, assembly, and after-sales facilities since 1986.

Gemak has a state-of-the-art production facility covering an area of 23,000m2 and Research, Development and Technology center located in the industrial region of Ankara. Gemak has a long experience and deep knowledge in the process industry. With this experience, Gemak is serving the best quality equipment with the extended guarantee period and service to its customers.
Gemak serves modern, hygienic, automatic and technological plants to its customers. Besides establishing turnkey plants, Gemak is an expert in heating and cooling systems, production of any kind of stainless steel equipment, process control, and automation systems. The main production of Gemak can be summarized as stainless steel heat exchangers (plate type, scraped surface type, tubular type heat exchangers), various types of pasteurization units, storage, and process tanks for different applications, evaporators (plate and falling/rising film types), bunkers, conveyors, transportation tankers, mixers, any kind of stainless steel equipment for food industry and can manufacture the special products based on customers’ need. With its vast experience in process control, Gemak has tailor-made solutions for total plant-based and the single unit based automation and control systems.
Gemak is not only establishing turn-key plants for the dairy and the fruit juice plants, and also producing new technologies and solutions by providing special equipment for the food industry such as beverages, chocolate, margarine, carbonated drinks, tomato paste, marmalade, jam, and fermented products and special equipment for chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
In our factory with a closed area of 15,000 m², roof crane height of 25 meters mainly from AISI304, AISI316 quality stainless steel and titanium material the following products and application solutions directed towards them are produced;
-Storage Tank
-Process Tank
-Solvent Tank
-Mixer, Homogenization equipment and Triblender
-Vacuum and Steam Cooker
-Pressure Vessels (if requested PED certificate)
-Conveyor, Spiral, Bunker and Carriage Tank
-Special Mobile Tank
-Pasteurizer (for any kind of food)
-Pipe Heat Exchanger
-Plate Heat Exchanger
-Scraper Heat Exchanger
-Floor Filter
-Food Pump, Valve Field, Electric, Power and Control Panels, Cable Trays
We provide rapid solutions to our customers by making plate exchanger and pasteurizer design and assembly with the license of Alfa Laval company which we represent for 23 years.
In recent years we provide products and solutions with high hygienic standards to main companies in pharmaceutical (Sanovel, Zentiva, Pharmactive) and chemistry (Henkel, Hayat Kimya, Eyüp Sabri Tuncer, Unilever etc…) industries.
Furthermore, GEMAK also performs distributorship and act as an integrator of;
ALFA LAVAL in hygienic flow equipment
BERTOLI in homogenizer and high-pressure pumps

ANDRITZ-FRAU for separation and decanters directed towards food
SINITECH for the evaporation process
AU2MATE Automation Solutions

GRUNDFOS for comfort and wastewater pumps.


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