Cryoline XF Crossflow Spiral Freezer

Cryoline XF Crossflow Spiral Freezer from Linde North America, Inc.

200 Somerset Corporate Blvd Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Company Profile
“The new CRYOLINE XF spiral freezer is a
significant step change in spiral freezer
technology,” said Mark DiMaggio, head of
food and beverage industry, Linde North
America. “This freezer is not simply an
incremental improvement over existing spiral
freezers. Starting with a blank page, Linde
food engineers surveyed the requirements
of a broad cross-section of food processors.
The result is the revolutionary CRYOLINE
XF spiral freezer that is now providing
significant benefits to Omni Baking Company’s

Mulloy said, “In addition to substantial saving
on cryogen and our enhancing production
capabilities, we’ve found that the hygienic
design features of the CRYOLINE XF spiral
freezer reduces the amount of time needed
for sanitation. This is critically important in a
production facility that operates 24/7.” The
spiral freezer is designed with sloped floors and
a clean in-place system. Because of its compact
size, the CRYOLINE XF spiral freezer has half the
amount of stainless steel and half the belting of
conventional spirals. “That translates into much
less area to clean between production runs,”
Mulloy said.


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