LAUFER Valve Technology Inc.

2300 Walnut Ave, Suite Q-R
Signal Hill, CA

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LAUFER Valve Technology Inc. - in Signal Hill, CA - is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LIAG® (Germany).

We supply North America with the world's only actually hygienic, low-maintenance shutoff, control, & divert valves. The first valve, engineered from the ground up, for sanitary processing in the dairy, prepared food, beverage, bakery, condiments, confectionery, brewing, pet food and care, personal care, cosmetics, oils extraction, and bio-pharma industries.

Prevent bacterial accumulation, weekly/monthly teardowns, production line downtime, and product waste with our full line of LIAG® products and spare parts.

Product line includes: hygienic, piggable, full-bore, multi-port shutter valves (arc valves); pig diverting valves; venturi powder control valves; and product recovery (pigging) systems. All valves and product recovery systems are 3-A compliant, CIP/SIP-able, and CRN registered.

3-A 51-01 free flow, multi-port, piggable, Divert Shutter Valves (CIP, SIP, 90* ports, 3- and 4-way)
3-A 51-01 free flow multi-port, Pig Diverting Shutter Valves (CIP, SIP, 120* ports, 90* build-in)
3-A 51-01 free flow, 2-way, Control and Shutoff Shutter Valves (CIP, SIP)
3-A 51-01 free flow, Venturi Powder Control Valves (CIP)
3-A 63-03 Extending and Non-Extending Rotary Swivel Joints
3-A 101-00 DMV Product recovery pigging systems (2-lips pigs, pigging valves, launch/receive stations, single/double-loops/ring designs),
Optional leakage detection/control for shutter valves
Optional degree of customizing port lengths to fit existing piping