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WELCOME to CPM Wolverine Proctor - a global leader in the design and manufacture of energy efficient food processing equipment including conveyor dryers, roasters, toasters, flluidized bed dryers and coolers, impingement ovens (jet-tube or parajet nozzle design), rotary batch cookers, cereal flaking roll mills, shredding and forming system.CONVEYOR DRYERS - multi-stage and Multiple Conveyor Dryers. Unique air circulation patterns, multiple air direction reversals and multiple temperature and humidity control zones, produce the most uniformly dried products possible.COMPAK DRYERS and ROASTERS - designed for the smaller producer of nuts and snacks. Simple to operate and maintain and have become standard equipment for the nut processing industry.JETZONE Fluid Bed Dryer/Puffer/Toaster. Unique jet-tube fluidization dryer that offers the best solution for most flaked, pelletized, granulated, extruded and coarse powdered products.IMPINGEMENT OVENS (Jet-Tube or Parajet Nozzle). Baking, Drying, Roasting, Cooking and Browning - precise air control on top & bottom for maximum uniformity, rugged, sanitary welded construction minimizes cleaning - reducing maintaince costs.ROTARY BATCH COOKER. Cooked or Milled corn, wheat, bran and rice for the production of the highest quality breakfast cereal flakes.