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Recognized as a premium manufacturer of highly engineered food processing equipment and systems, Marlen International designs and builds equipment to process meat, poultry, pet food, fish, vegetables, fruit, bakery goods, confectionaries, snacks, dairy goods and many other products.

Sold under the brand names of Marlen and Carruthers, our products have long set the standard for quality and performance in vacuum stuffing and pumping, portioning, size reduction, thermal processing, and food handling.

We assure value to our customers through the highest consistency, accuracy, and product integrity. Our teams of expert engineering, design and technical personnel act as industry consultants and process partners -- trusted by the world's leading food brands for over 60 years.

Our Marlen vacuum stuffing and pumping equipment features twin-piston pumps for the gentlest handling while providing optimal vacuumization for the most superior particle definition and highest product integrity. From whole muscle meats to sectioned, formed and emulsified meat and poultry products, our Opti vacuum stuffers and pumps can be equipped with a variety of hopper options designed to match application and product requirements.

Carruthers size reduction equipment includes slicers, dicers, strip cutters for whole muscle, cooked or fresh as well as log meat and snack stick cutters, cubers, auto-shedders, and portioners. All Carruthers models are designed for continuous flow processing while resulting in higher quality product, less handling, improved hygiene and reduced labor costs.

Two offerings of Carruthers PAK fillers are available, including those that feature slide-fill technology for large portions and those for high-speed volumetric filling. Whether your application requires gathering large pieces or random/irregular sized products for consistent portioning into container formats or filling of delicate product such as tuna or salmon, our PAK fillers are designed for gentle handling to preserve the product integrity and provide excellent product appearance. By eliminating air through the compression of product, Carruthers PAK fillers create tightly formed portions which in turn can easily be conveyed and transferred into containers cleanly with no seal contamination. Carruthers filling technology forms volumetric shapes for a direct, accurately placed deposit to fit containers resulting in accurate fill weights, achieving a standard deviation of 2% or better. Improved yields, labor savings and high production are the signature of the Carruthers PAK series fillers.

Marlen thermal processing equipment includes food processing ovens, smokehouses, industrial dehydrators, steam cook cabinets, blast chill cells, brine chill cabinets, progressive cook / chill systems, continuous cook / chill processes, automated mold systems, smoker generators, air scrubbers, chillers, cookers, monorail continuous process systems, and serpentine continuous process systems. Products produced using Marlen thermal processing equipment are uniform in temperature, color and shrink with repeatable results. In addition, Marlen’s control systems provide complete data reporting after processing.

Marlen International delivers the optimum customer experience through Marlen Care predictive maintenance -- an operational excellence program -- and 24/7, 365 days/year factory-direct support. Marlen International is a Duravant Company.

It's the Company Behind the Machine that Makes the Difference.

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