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Engineering Solutions is what has made Cambridge successful over the past 100 years. From a new design of wire cloth for Thomas Edison s inventions to the revolutionary design of a glass annealing belt in a time when all glass annealing was done by batch to the partnering with the solar cell manufacturing community to improve the quality of solar cells, Cambridge has been at the forefront of every conveyorized change seen over the past century. Cambridge partners with its customers to determine the best conveyor belt for each customer s process and this has meant the design of 15 new product lines with more than 50 patents.

As Cambridge begins the next century of operations, we do so with a name that reflects the rich heritage of the company and a distinct way of doing business. Cambridge will continue to engineer solutions and work with each customer to improve their processes and it will do this as Cambridge Engineered Solutions.

We still offer the same great customer support and on-call technicians to help you become more streamlined, cost-efficient and profitable. We offer the most comprehensive solutions for any type of product, process or environment. The team s commitment to customer service, quality craftsmanship and engineering expertise, remains at the pinnacle of the Cambridge Engineered Solutions mission. As always, the team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.