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We stock spare parts, repair and service all our machines.

Boss, ELS, Espera, Mikster, Salmco and Scott.

We also stock spare parts for Elpack or Bizerba GM2000, GM2/2002, R40, R63, R2/100, RC63, B14, B3/18, RD2/63, RD66, RD86, RD88.

We provide service for:

Boss Vacuum-Packaging Machines, Shrink Tanks and Dryers.
Boss Semi Automatic Vacuum Packaging Lines.
ELS Label Dispensers, Automatic Label Applicators, Cross Web Labelling Systems.
Espera Manual and Automatic Weigh-Price Labelers.
Mikster Wire and Radio Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Systems.
Mikster Industial Microprocessors.
SALMCO Salmon Slicers.
Scott Double Clippers, Scott Smoke Houses, Industrial Ovens, Steam Cabinets, CookTanks, Mixers, Injectors, Tumblers .