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Heatec designs and builds heating products for a variety of industries, including the food and beverage industry. These products are mainly vaporizers, process heaters, thermal fluid heaters, and mixing vessels. The most recent addition to this product line is our Firestorm water heater, which is now certified for food service and carries the official NSF seal of approval.

Our vaporizers are used to make foods and cooking oils. Our thermal fluid heaters are used to make foods and malt for brewers. Our process heaters are used to make cooking oils. Our mixing vessels are used in the preparation of foods. Our Firestorm heaters are used to wash down food processing kitchens.

Our customers include Kraft Foods; Bunge North America; FOODesign Machinery & Systems, Inc; FMC FoodTech, Gem Equipment of Oregon, Inc; Froedtert Malt Corp; and Malteurop North America.

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Heatec specializes in thermal fluid heaters, especially those with helical coils heated by fired burners. They are extremely versatile and used in a wide variety of industries. They are also known as hot oil heaters. Oil and gas producers know them as HMO (Heat Medium Oil) heaters. read more