American Ultraviolet

212 South Mt. Zion Road
Lebanon, IN 46052
United States of America
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Since 1960 American Ultraviolet has manufactured 100,000+ effective UVC germicidal fixtures for food and beverage manufacturing, healthcare, HVAC, and many other industrial, commercial and residential applications. Our products can be used in the air, in liquids, and on surfaces, to reduce harmful pathogens and increase equipment efficiency. Several standard and custom UV solutions available for food processing applications include the: GRMT series, which can be mounted on walls, ceilings, over conveyors, or in moist areas where surface disinfection in needed; CC Series, which can be placed over and under conveyor lines to reduce any molds or bacteria from food, films, or container surfaces, prior to packaging; In-duct DC series fixtures, which can be installed in the HVAC system, or supply ducts, to reduce or eliminate mold and bio-film build-up on the cooling coil and in the air ducts; and CE series, which are designed to be mounted over existing conveyor lines to irradiate product surfaces, containers and covers for exposure prior to packaging, providing longer shelf life for the products.

All American Ultraviolet systems can be designed for any electrical supply configuration. Our standard and high output low pressure lamps have less than 8 grams of mercury, and a useful life of up to 18,000 hours. Our XL-1 shatter resistant coating is standard for all our food processing and packaging applications. For applications requiring a higher target dose, we can also offer amalgam and medium pressure lamp technology.