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"Perfecting Thermal Processing Worldwide" summarizes how we approach our market, the directions we expand technology, research and development, and how we apply our experience and equipment offerings to processors around the world. With this focus we can offer more than just thermal processing equipment: we offer industry-specific processing expertise that tailors the equipment design to the customer s specific needs. This expertise has grown through innovation and through acquisition of C.G. Sargent s Sons, Food Engineering Corporation (FEC), and the National Drying Machinery Company. See our Innovation Timeline for a complete history.

Aeroglide can now offer the greatest set of options in thermal processing equipment with multiple assembly configurations, airflow designs and equipment conveyance methods to best meet a customer s operating requirements.

Products include:

Conveyor-based dryer systems (single pass, multi-pass, multi-stage, flat-bed through-air dryers (TAD), dual plenum dry roasters and inline airflow roasters and dryers)
Rapid high-heat transfer systems (fluid bed, impingement)
Puffers and toasters, dry roasters, spin cookers and coolers, vertical coolers, blanchers, dryer accessories
System controls

State-of-the-art manufacturing and test facilities provide the tools to support this array of options: CAD/CAM design, precision laser cutting, Pro E 3-dimensional software design, a (582 m2) 5,600 ft2 test facility and over 250 skilled, enthusiastic people to serve our customers.

Having a worldwide presence has been critical to successfully supporting customers at their facilities. Permanent sales and service offices in Europe and Asia Pacific provide a base for this unmatched service and responsiveness, in addition to our manufacturing, engineering and headquarters in North Carolina, USA, and engineering and sales office in Pennsylvania, USA.