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In 1997, Ag-Tronic Control Systems had developed the first successful machine vision integration system for tray pattern recognition to interface with high-speed label applicators. In 2001, the most accurate labeling solution for tray packed cluster (TOV) tomatoes was developed along with the patented ORB-it® label applicator. Accu-Label was formed in 2002 to focus on providing solutions for the packaging industry's growing needs for high quality precision labeling systems.In alliance with Ag-Tronic Control Systems, Accu-Label offers complete cutting edge solutions for: * Labeling - tray packed and individual on sizer/grader * Machine Vision Inspection - patent pending design for product inspection and label targeting * Grading and Sorting - English greenhouse cucumbers and custom designed solutions * Shrink Wrapping - English greenhouse cucumbers and specialty products * Packaging Automation - carton handling, transporting, check-weighing, printing, tracking * Complete conveyor systems - custom designs from start to finishAll solutions are completed in-house from design through manufacturing to installation and service.