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Stellar is a fully integrated firm focused on design, engineering, construction and mechanical services worldwide. Stellar offers architecture, engineering, construction, safety consulting, mechanical services and real estate services in addition to energy/utility systems, refrigeration equipment, refrigeration parts, safety training software and control systems.Meeting the demand for food and beverage processors and manufacturers to produce high-quality, safe and nutritional products begins at the development stage of planning and designing a processing plant. Very specialized knowledge is needed to meet today's regulations while anticipating those of the future. Having focused on the food industry since our inception, Stellar is well-versed in food processing requirements and recognized as a leader in the industry. We have designed and built processing facilities throughout the western hemisphere.In addition to designing, planning, constructing and offering refrigeration and thermal services, Stellar provides food processors with supplementary services designed to reduce pathogens and improve employee safety without compromising a facility's vital production and efficiency. These services include: * Product studies * Optimal layout (process flows) * Process engineering * Latest code searches (Building, USDA, FDA) * Power and utilities, sanitation studies * Material handling, automation and packaging * Safety compliance programs and ergonomic studies * Condensation control