Magnuson Corporation

1 magnuson ave
Pueblo, CO 81001
United States of America


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Since 1942 Magnuson Corporation has been a leading supplier of food processing machinery to food processing plants, worldwide.

Magnuson is the name you need to know if you peel, scrub, or wash, any type of food products. With our great deal of experience in all types of vegetable, fruit, nuts, and meat products we can meet your need.

We are the recognized leader in pistachio hulling, and single file feeding, with our “Shufflo Feeder”. Along with our partner FAM B.V., Magnuson can offer precision food cutting equipment for slicing, dicing, and shredding your food products. We manufacture the famous CCM (Computer Controlled Machines) line of corn processing machinery. If you need to cut corn, cut cobs, or sort green ears. Our CCM line offers both manual and fully automatic systems to meet your capacity requirements.

Magnuson puts our knowledge to work for you! Magnuson is your one source for machines, parts, and service.”