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New Berlin, WI 53151


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DEFINOX has specialized for 40 years in the design and manufacturing of stainless valves and equipment for the food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Our aim: Developing a relationship of trust with each of our customers. Together we can solve technological challenges and make your projects successful.

So, DEFINOX proposes a whole range of valves and equipment:

* DPX Butterfly valves (manual) or DPAX Butterfly valves (automated)
* DCX3 - DCX4 Changeover valves
* DCX3 DE Double sealing changeover valves
* VDCI - VDCI MC Mixproof valves PMO-C
* DCX3 FdC - VDCI FdC Tank bottom changeover and mixproof valves
* DMX Diaphragm valve (manual) or DMAX Diaphragm valves (automated)
* DBX Ball valves (manual) or DBAX Ball valves (automated)
* PEX - PEAX Sampling valves
* Point to point control tops and AS-i
* Security devices
* Tank equipment
* 3A Approved Scraping/Pigging Systems
* Manifolds of valves