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Josam, in business before the term engineered plumbing-drainage existed, is recognized around the world for producing high quality specification drainage products. Formed in 1914, Josam patented its Model Number 100 floor drain with its innovative double-drainage flange; a feature that is still an industry standard today. Josam Company, under the Holloway ownership since 1987, continues to offer such innovative products as our Push-Fit Stainless Steel Drainage System, to the specification drainage industry. Josam Company's unique packaging is provided as a standard feature for all assemblies and most single pieces. Assemblies which require multiple pieces to create a cataloged item are shipped pre-packaged with all components identified, partially assembled and included in one durable and water resistant package. Additionally, customized labels are available upon request for specific job tagging requirements. Josam's comprehensive and diverse range of products, is backed by excellent quality assurance and customer service from the most trusted name in the industry. We take great pride in our ability to design and build products to meet both standard and custom requirements. From light to heavy duty, inside or outside drainage, highly corrosive waste or strict sanitary requirements, Josam has you covered for all of your plumbing drainage needs.